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Daniel Nashed


    Agent Manager Retry on Compact

    Daniel Nashed  1 August 2011 14:08:48

    There is a new setting in 8.5.2 FP3 and 8.5.3 (see SPR # KMUR63DF3V). This functionality allows an agent to retry to run after it failed because of a running compact.
    Without this setting the agent will not run again until you restart Amgr or after the nightly agent cache refresh is done.

    I personally think this retry should be the default behavior but IBM decided to make this only available thru setting DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT=1
    IMHO it's the wrong behavior right now and it should be changed to do a retry.

    We have discussed with IBM about it and they might consider to change the default behavior for a future version.

    -- Daniel

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