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Daniel Nashed


ADFS Configuration in German

Daniel Nashed  29 August 2018 20:33:22
Today I hit the first German ADFS configuration.
Looking into the German UI I was completely lost on first look.
The UI translation really opens a lot of questions. I really had to take my English server to compare and find out what they really mean.

I cannot recommend using a translated UI. You should really use it in English!

After having a look into the UI I googled the the German documentation.
If you are German speaking you should have a look. This is really too funny!!

The screens are still English. The text looks completely machine translated and even the German settings in the description is machine translated and doesn't match the German UI in the product.

Here is a link and I also appended a current snapshot of the page.

-- Daniel


1Dietmar Dumke  29.08.2018 21:20:40  ADFS Configuration in German

This even can happen if a German did the translation because often these guys don't have a clue what they are talking about...

2Lars Berntrop-Bos  30.08.2018 6:28:43  ADFS Configuration in German

Historically, the human translated Microsoft applications and manuals were unreadable and not understandable in Dutch. I still much prefer the English applications and English manuals. They at least use the same words for the same concepts. And have less extremely obtuse constructed sentences.

Machine translation has not brought improvement I see.

3Christian Henseler  30.08.2018 19:26:19  ADFS Configuration in German

Remembering my first CLP R4 exam (did it in German).

I was asked about the ACL Right „Abteilungsleiter“ (Manager was meant).

Did all further exams in English, then.



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