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Daniel Nashed


A very old @ Formula tick - but quite useful

Daniel Nashed  27 October 2010 16:08:36

When working with @Formulas the old Shift + F9 trick can be really helpful. It's still not really documented but works also in the 8.5 Standard Client.
Using it on customer site still often causes the admins to be really surprised. So I want to post this little tip again -- even I have posted it long long time ago in Groupware magazine ...

So when you are in any kind of normal field, text, date, number, you can type in a formula and have it evaluated in the field.
This works with simple formulas or also more complex formulas. You can use it to start commands and also use it just to evaluate results.
It works in every normal field (no richtext fields).

So you just type in the formula or expression and press Shift + F9.

Here are some examples what you can use it for

- Open a new memo (CTRL+M) and calculate something in the subject line

To type in your long hierarchical Notes user name
- @Username

Current Date
- for todays date you can also type "today" instead of @today

Invoke the old Admin Console
- @Command([AdminRemoteConsole])
this has been used in earlier releases (before R5) when we had one client for notes/admin/designer
it is a very easy console that allows you live console directly from your client.
you can add it as a smart icon to your normal notes client or if you have no admin client installed but admin rights just type it into a memo's subject line

Find out the location of the notes.ini
- @configfile
Very helpful if you are a consultant and have no idea where the notes.ini is located

Edit notes.ini
- @command([Execute];"notepad"; @configfile)
Also quite useful in a smart icon

Just to give you some examples what you can use this for. Some of those @Formulas are good use via Shift + F9 others perfectly make sense in a smart icon.

-- Daniel


1Carl Tyler  27.10.2010 18:57:55  A very old @ Formula tick - but quite useful

Current Date

- for todays date you can also type "today" instead of @today

You can also do "yesterday" and "tomorrow"

2Michael Brown  27.10.2010 22:33:28  A very old @ Formula tick - but quite useful

I managed to invoke the old Admin Console but cannot access any of the servers that I can normally access using the full Admin client.

It tells me that I'm not authorised, but I've checked using the full Admin client, and I most definitely *am* authorised.



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