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Daniel Nashed

A new star is born - Rancher Desktop

Daniel Nashed – 27 October 2021 09:41:19

A new star is born - Rancher Desktop

This is really awesome stuff -->

Does this replace Docker Desktop for most of you?  Probably not soon.

As long you are not a corporate user and have to get a commercial version next year, I would stay on Docker Desktop.

It is a first version but because it is working on proven technology as they say, the base is very stable already.

This includes my favorite Kubernetes distribution k3s.

Specially the build tools will need some improvements. But I got our Docker Community image build with minor changes.

And it doesn't have the same UI integration Docker Desktop has.

But it is easy to install and it also allows you to switch the Kubernetes Version almost on the fly.

So it is pretty cool stuff that might be interesting for many running on Mac or Windows.

On the Windows side it requires WSL2 -- which is the recommendation for Docker Desktop as well.

If you are looking for a run-time an build environment for your desktop, this is something to already consider from what I have seen so far.

But if you don't have to move I would stay with Docker Desktop if your focus is more on the Docker side and you don't need K8s.

If you are running K8s with Docker desktop, you should look into Rancher Desktop!

Build Docker Community project on Rancher Desktop

First of all there is new build tool from Rancher is called "kim". There is another one "nerdctl". And it is not sure which one will make it in future.

But since kim is from Rancher and works well, I think this is what many people will be using.

Also I only was able to get the image build with kim.

The changes to our Domino community project are minimal for kim.

You just change the Docker command in your configuration and remove the network name.

The --network option we have set to host for Docker and Podman by default is not implemented by kim.



With those changes in the configuration, you can just build your Domino image.
Kim is intended to be a build tool only. It is not designed to run containers. But that is perfectly fine for a Kubernetes environment.

And once it is built you can use the prepared YAML files we added on GitHub for a workshop -->

On their architecture diagram they are highlighting nerdctl. But I would personally got with kim.

There are not many resource out yet and it is still in "beta" state.

According to a video it should coexist with Docker Desktop on the same machine.
But because I had some issues on my test machine and decided to do a clean start for now and removed Docker Desktop for now.

Let me know what you find out. I have my build environments on Docker server on CentOS.
But this is for sure an environment I will look into more and which works perfectly in combination with the k3s platform I already use.

-- Daniel

Image:A new star is born - Rancher Desktop

Image:A new star is born - Rancher Desktop
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