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Daniel Nashed


LS2CAPI is broken in 64bit D8.0.2 and D8.5

Daniel Nashed  28 December 2008 21:24:07

There is a known issue with calling C-API from Lotus Script for Win64. Bill mentioned it in his blog when posting about his nice LS2CAPI Lib.
I am posting this just for other developers to be aware and not spend time trying to get it working.
According to information from Lotus/IBM the SPR #ADEE7JRLJQ has not been fixed in 8.5.
So in case you want to develop C-API from Lotus Script on Domino Win64 you need a hotfix also when 8.5 ships in January.

-- Daniel

1Bill  28.12.2008 22:16:34  LS2CAPI is broken in 64bit D8.0.2 and D8.5

Thanks for the mention Daniel. The ls2capi lib is loosely based on the incredible work that Normunds has done in his book (at { Link } ) and is available from this blog post: { Link }

And thank you for pointing me in the right direction, time after time.


---* Bill



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