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Daniel Nashed


    Linux History & Domino on Docker at Engage Conference

    Daniel Nashed  12 May 2019 22:09:54

    Image:Linux History & Domino on Docker at Engage Conference

    Yes I have a long history of Notes&Domino, but I have even a longer history of Linux as I figured out form the book I still have.

    This wasn’t my first version.. but I thing the first SuSE version.

    The book was made with LaTeX which I did not use for a long time ..

    A that time Domino had no Linux support, which was introduced later in Domino 5.0.3

    My Domino Start Script was first developed for our Domino on HP-UX servers and later on first ported to AIX and Solaris.

    And finally when Domino on Linux came up to Linux.

    HP-UX and Solaris are no longer supported and AIX isn’t used by many companies any more.
    But Linux became the OS that runs the internet. And is a great platform for Domino.

    In the last weeks I did a lot work in the Domino on Docker area, which is a lot of fun, too -->

    Next week at Engage conference in Brussels we will have a Domino on Docker session and again a Domino & Docker on Linux round table.

    I think this year it’s going to be really interesting. There is a lot new stuff to discuss.

    If you are at Engage and you are interested in Domino on Linux or Docker, you should really come to our round-table session.

    Thomas Hampel (IBM) and me also have a Domino on Docker also on Wednesday afternoon.

    -- Daniel

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