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    Notes & Domino 10 - Language Support Statement

    Daniel Nashed  17 January 2020 20:39:19
    Many of us are waiting for an update on the language support especially for Notes clients.
    It turned out to be much more work than they thought and there is still a lot of work to do.
    But they are getting there and for the next updates and with the new process, this should be much faster in future.

    German and Japanese was already available in Notes/Domino 11 Beta 2 and has shipped with the GA release.
    We can expect more languages to be shipped with GA but this time we still have to wait.

    I would have wished we would have got that info already around GA time. But even it takes some more time, this statement is good news.

    They are shipping Notes & Domino 10.0.1 languages first, because of customer deployments and I would expect they will ship the same languages with 11.0.1 hopefully.

    See details here...

    -- Daniel



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