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Daniel Nashed


    IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook officially released

    Daniel Nashed  29 June 2016 15:49:35
    Finally IBM has released IMSMO 2.0. It has been around already under controlled distribution and is finally available for all customers and partners.

    It enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook 2013 client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server.

    The software is an add-on to your Domino server similar to what a Traveler does (in fact they share some code base but they are not the same!).
    Also the gateway need to resist on the mail-server of the user. We asked to have a way to use a gateway server approach but IBM implemented it this way.

    If you are running in a production environment and you are running with more than a handful of users it is strongly recommended to use DB2 for the state database instead of the derby database.
    So for every server that has IMSMO enabled you need a connection to a DB2 server for the state database.
    Another way would be to have a local replica of the mailfile on the IMSMO server for all users running an Outlook Client.

    This solution is not intended for a whole, large organization. It's more one of the flexible options to support Outlook Clients in your environment for users who want or need the client for some special reason.

    For the Outlook Client you have to deploy an add-on which handles the connection.
    The first version with the project name "Hawthorn" was using the Active Sync protocol for sync and rest services with a plug-in for additional services like OOO and busytime lookup. T
    hat's why only Outlook 2013 and higher was supported because earlier releases did not support ActiveSync.

    The new version uses SyncML which gives IBM more control over the connection and functionality. The plugin does now handle the whole connection from client to server over SyncML.
    Older clients can still connect over ActiveSync but the new model makes more sense to only use the new plug-in.
    IBM also plans to support other Outlook Clients leveraging the plug-in approach.

    If you are entitled to download Domino V9.0.1, you can download IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook at no charge from Passport Advantage®.


    IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook 2.0 Release Notes Multiplatform English (CNCZ9EN )


    IBM mail Add-on 2.0.0 (for IMSMO) Windows 64 bit Multilingual (CNBK6ML )
    IBM mail Add-on 2.0.0 (for IMSMO) AIX 64 bit Multilingual (CNBK7ML )
    IBM mail Add-on 2.0.0 (for IMSMO) Linux 64 Multilingual (CNBK8ML )


    IBM mail Add-in 2.0.0 (for IMSMO) Windows 32/64 bit Multilingual (CND43ML )

    But you should wait to download and install the client component. There is an issue where I have an open PMR since yesterday afternoon.
    It looks like there is an issue with the client package. Development reported back that they are working on it with high priority.
    I will blog about it once I have more details.

    Here is a quick link to the admin guide:



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