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Daniel Nashed


Domino V12 One Touch Setup for real world deployments

Daniel Nashed  27 April 2021 17:15:22
Domino V12 will introduce One Touch Setup. It's much more than just a basic server setup.

You can use it to modify and create documents. Create databases and more.

For a container workshop I looked into a more complex example showing how this could look like in production environments.

The JSON file can be used to configure a first server including a lot of components out of the box.

Mainly the following components

  • Domino setup
  • ID Vault setup
  • Set the LocalDomainAdmins group in server.doc
  • Create a config doc with the most important settings
  • Enable Internet password lockout
  • Create domcfg.nsf and the iNotes redirect database
  • Enable DAOS and Translog --> needs currently a manual restart
  • Enable NIFNSF, move out the FT index to a different directory
  • Enable CertMgr and get a Let's Encrypt certificate

For now this is just to show what you can do with Domino V12 One Touch Setup.

I will update it over time. The ID Vault policy documents are not yet created.

-- Daniel

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