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Domino DB Directory Cache changes in Domino 10 -- No dbdirman.nsf not needed any more

Daniel Nashed  20 November 2020 16:28:21

Some of you might even not know the database ever existed. But I got question today and I wasn't aware of the change.

The dbdirman.nsf was used to cache the database meta information on shutdown and read it again when the server starts.

With Domino 10 and higher the database is not needed any more and is disabled by default, because Domino 10 is optimized to work faster even without it.

So for a new Domino 10 server you will not find the database and this is perfectly OK (the template still exists).

The internal cache is still working in a similar way in memory like it did before. But there is just no need for a database to cache start for the restart case.

-- Daniel



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