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DNUG Domino 11 First Look Presentation

Daniel Nashed  2 December 2019 09:10:21

At DNUG Domino Day last week Ulrich Krause and myself presented a First Look into Domino 11.

We also had Uffe Sorensen from HCL presenting about the new license model which will be presented at the Lauch event later this week.
Among other features our presentation also contains the technical part of the new license check routines for Domino 11.
Domino 11 will introduce FlexNet licensing. HCL wants customers to already configure it when possible to get feeback.
But it isn't mandatory yet and you will only need it when you are on the new license model!

The FlexNet integration in 11.0.0 will be a first start and HCL is working on updating and extending it in Domino 11.0.1
Right now only the integration with the Cloud License Server (CLS) is supported.
There is also a Local License Server (LLS) provided by FlexNet. But the LLS support isn't part of 11.0.0.

Here is a link to our slides.

-- Daniel


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