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Be aware of Soundex

Daniel Nashed  7 February 2019 14:54:49
We just ran into an issue where I user was removed from the Domino directory and the server had setup Fullname than local part for Mail lookup configured.
What happened is that the wrong user got the e-mail!


Returns the Soundex (the Lotus Notes phonetic speller) code for the specified string.

The phonetic name can result in the same short "hash" value for multiple names. There are a lot of collisions even for names that are not the same!.

I can only recommend to stay away from Fullname than Local Part for mail lookups. But if you can't you should be aware of @Soundex.

@soundex ("") for example returns N200.

I opened a support ticket and they pointed me to the following AHA entry.

IMHO this feature request to allow Soundex to be completely disabled makes a lot of sense!

-- Daniel


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