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Daniel Nashed


using notes_ in environment variables instead of notes.ini

Daniel Nashed  28 April 2010 08:10:16

By default in Notes and Domino 8 and higher the old way to enable notes.ini settings thru the OS environment of a Notes Client or Server has been disabled for performance reasons. Because in that case always the environment has to be checked before the notes.ini cache is checked. This change has mainly done for servers but also applies by default for Notes Clients.
You can specify a notes.ini parameter (for example in the custom settings section of a desktop policy) to enable this feature and allow notes.ini settings thru the environment of the workstation.
This could be interesting to set notes.ini parameters only for certain client installations like Citrix for example when moving the cache.ndk via notes_cache=<path>
It could be also used to disable the update of the client record information I posted about yesterday evening DISABLE_CLIENTRECORD=1.

This would allow to disable this feature only for Citrix workstations and keep it enabled on notebooks and desktops.

Reference Information:

The OSGetEnvironmentString() command had an undocumented "feature" where it would use OSGetSystemVariable() first to look for the value requested. This was meant to be internal and for debugging purposes only. This has been changed so that this is off by default. What this means is that Lotus is only pulling this data from Notes.ini instead of from the system environment now, as was the intended behavior.

You can restore the old behavior by setting the variable DEBUG_USE_SYS_VAR to 1 in your Notes.ini file.

-- Daniel

1Carsten Winter  05.05.2010 17:33:31  using notes_ in environment variables instead of notes.ini

Thanks for the tip Daniel. Very helpful in combination Citrix and cache.ndk. I did some tests and it works fine. No noticeable performance problems at Notes start.

2Torben Volkmann  15.05.2013 16:23:49  using notes_ in environment variables instead of notes.ini

Hi Daniel. Just tried this on 8.5.3 FP4 looks like the workaround doesn't work anymore :-(

3Jonathan VINCENT  11.04.2017 10:24:24  using notes_ in environment variables instead of notes.ini

Hi Daniel

I have a probleme with my lotus notes ini on my RDS server .

I use this line :


But the lotus notes client don't translate my variable %userprofile%

Have you a idea

I use lotus 9



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