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Daniel Nashed


    Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command

    Daniel Nashed  7 October 2015 23:36:54

    A new Traveler Version has been released to day.

    There are a couple of important fixes and you should consider updating soon.
    Below you find a fix list.

    There is also a new Traveler command mainly for enterprise database management called DBMaint.

    Here is a link to the updated documentation section -->

    Because it is brand new I have to check how it works in detail and there is a planned Open Mic Session that will deal with this new functionality as well.

        Topic: What's New in IBM Traveler?
        Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
        Time: 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-4 hours) for 60 minutes

    See details here -->

    This update is important for stand-alone and HA configurations.
    My Traveler server is already updated...

    Usage: tell traveler DBMaint
    Where includes:
     Run                                  - Immediately performs online maintenance. If the server is standalone, then it will configure maintenance to run on restart.
     Show                                 - Displays various database maintenance scheduling information.
     Fragmentation                        - Recommends database maintenance based on fragmentation levels.
     Set Interval                  - Sets the interval of days in which automatic database maintenance will perform.
     Set Time                     - Sets the time in 24-hour format in which automatic database will perform.
     Set Day          - Sets the day of the week for the first scheduled automatic maintenance to start from.
                                             Set to off if you want the first scheduled maintenance to be based off of the last maintenance time.
      Set Threshold               - Configures automatic database maintenance to check fragmentation levels before it will execute.
      Set Auto                    - Enablement for automatic database maintenance.
                                             Re-enablement will reschedule maintenance if either the time or interval have changed.
      Set Indexes                 - Configures the number of fragmented indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
      Set Ownership                        - Configures ownership of database maintenance to this server. This server will be
                                             the only server that can perform automatic database maintenance.
      Set Percent <0-100>                  - (ONLY FOR SQL SERVER) Configures the fragmentation percentage of indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
      Set Functions <1-4>                  - (ONLY FOR DB2) Configures the number of functions that are used to determine if an index is fragmented for the fragmentation threshold.                          

    APAR # Abstract
    LO85584 Explicit commit is not needed for database select statements.
    LO86339 Warning may be displayed for redirect to SSL setting that is not in effect.
    LO86341 Add covering index to improve performance of update queries.
    LO86366 User may stop syncing after migration to HA environment AND change mail template.
    LO86445 Traveler syncs attachments in very small chunks causing mail delays and possible server crash.
    LO86448 Enable Calendar ghosting for ActiveSync devices when running on Domino 8.5.3 server.
    LO86466 Get Error 400 trying to read encrypted e-mail on Companion app for Apple devices.
    LO86496 Server crash on buffer over run error if log message is too long.
    LO86500 Shake to undo folder move in native Apple mail client may not be reflected on server.
    LO86516 PDF attachment not viewable if missing pdf extension.
    LO86521 Principal field is blank on draft e-mail created by IBM Verse mobile client.
    LO86530 Unnecessary error logging e-mails with attachments with no file name.
    LO86562 Individually delete all instances of repeating meeting in IBM Verse mobile client will not delete all entries from server copy.
    LO86610 Threaded e-mail move to folder not shown in new folder in IBM Verse client.


    1Bruno CARTIGNY  08.10.2015 14:18:29  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command


    I upgraded my servers yesterday with and it works great for now. Thanks for sharing so quickly this news and informations about DBMaint. I was unlucky looking for this details. I hope one of the next versions will give us the ability to search on more field (such as serial number) from the LotusTraveler.nsf UI, or having more reports from the Traveler SQL DB. Thx.

    2Andreas PreiƟ  08.10.2015 16:04:10  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command

    Hi Daniel,

    thanks a lot for the quick info on the new version.

    I tried the command to validate the installation for HA on two diffent servers:

    Tell Http OSGI diag com.lotus.sync.traveler.admin


    Direct constraints which are unresolved:

    Missing optionally required bundle

    Has someone an different result on his server?


    3Jay Marme  08.10.2015 18:12:45  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command

    I am wondering if APAR LO85798 that was supposed to be addressed in is fixed in I have a user with iOS9 on their iPhone with the issue even after upgrading to

    4Daniel Nashed  08.10.2015 20:45:02  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command


    as discussed offline I got the same message when testing it but the admin xpages interface still works.

    the error message says "Missing optionally required bundle" not sure what is really means.

    Is it optinally or required? hmmm .. looks like it still works.

    Here is what I found on the web what could be what is happening:

    The bundle manifest contains the Require-Bundle directive and so the bundle will only resovle once the bundle is deployed.

    But the code might still run because it might not be used.

    I am not 100% sure about it but that could explain it. Nobody might have verified it with the command you used for this release.

    Does someone have an additional idea or has already looked into the jar yet?

    -- Daniel

    5Daniel Nashed  08.10.2015 21:15:29  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command

    @ Jay, LO85798 should have been included in the build according to the fixlist.

    If it does not solve your problem, you should open a PMR and send a trace to IBM.

    -- Daniel

    6Daniel Nashed  08.10.2015 21:56:10  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command


    Some additional information about the warning when veifying the admin jar

    As posted before it looks like the manifest is responsible for this warning.

    What I see in the manifest included in the jar: ino.saas.corejars;bundle-version="1.0.0";resolution:=optional

    But in the classes I don't see an import nor that it is used.

    -- Daniel

    7Daniel Nashed  10.10.2015 10:40:08  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command



    I checked with IBM.This should not be causing any issue. The saas jar is used in the cloud only. They made it optional because the jar is not delivered in the on premises package.

    So it should not casue any trouble and the warning is just displayed if you use the command.

    Do you think it makes sense to have a separate blog post with the warning message and the solution?

    -- Daniel

    8Uwe  20.05.2016 11:30:19  Traveler Fixes and DBMaint Command

    Hi Daniel,

    the DBMaint will do the same maintenance tasks as already scheduled on a SQL server so we don't have to do it twice?



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