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Daniel Nashed


Seemless Cluster Failover

Daniel Nashed  26 February 2010 14:55:23

In Notes 7 you had to close a Notes database and reopen it to failover to a different server. The Notes Client did only use failover when opening a database with the right open options (failover options).
Notes 8 asks the user to switch to a different replica when the server goes down. This works in multiple areas including a view and also when you try to save a document and your server is down!

In many cases users have no idea what to do with the prompt message. There is a notes.ini setting HidePromptFailoverInc=1 which disables the failover prompt and automatically fails over without user interaction needed.

This does work for some but not all of the failover operations. For example if you try to save a document you are still prompted if you want to save the document to a different replica.

-- Daniel

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