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Daniel Nashed


Process iCalendar attachment while in other mailfiles

Daniel Nashed  19 April 2012 12:17:31

Normally you can only import iCal data into your own mail-file. This limitation sounds like working as designed.
But there is a notes.ini setting that I just found that allows import into other mail-files as well :-)
Also other databases with calendars should work according to the TN.

Just found it in a technote (#1469271) checking for something else ...


-- Daniel

1Brad  07.05.2012 20:52:37  Process iCalendar attachment while in other mailfiles

Found your post, and tried it out, but no success. I am wondering if something was missed?

User is Win7 64bit, Notes 8.5.3. She is the delegate for several different people's mail & calendars.

I edited her INI to include the parameter, and restarted Notes. She opened the email with an ICS file from her inbox and imported it. Although it said it imported, it was not on her calendar nor on the calendar of the exec she is a delegate for. So we forwarded the email to his mail, opened from there and imported again. Again it says it was done, but nothing showed up on either of their calendars.

The technote does not give much detail, but does not mention version 8.5.3.

Wondering if you know of something that was missed?



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