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Daniel Nashed


    HCL Support and Software Download

    Daniel Nashed  1 August 2019 10:52:32

    After HCL took over from IBM the first weeks have been a bit challenging.
    Creating support tickets and the takeover of existing open and recently closed support tickets worked quite well in most cases.
    But still I get questions from customers how to access the HCL support website and to register.

    Software Download

    The software download is a separate portal, because HCL is using FlexNet for software download.
    You have to register a separate account with the same name.
    In the beginning I had issues registering and my entitlements haven't been there. So I wasn't able to see software.
    But we finally got it solved when we found the root causes.

    Also HCL got all the data and software at day one and they are adding the software step by step.
    They are also improving the experience for the support portal and will provide a tips & tricks document soon.
    But let me give you some trips in advance which might help you.

    We had a telco with the responsible team at HCL for the downloads. They are looking into all the feedback and take it as priority.
    But let me share some current information.

    IBM Passport Advantage still works

    For customers the IBM Passport Advantage software download should still work!
    All the software should be still there -- I checked a couple of current software downloads.

    Partner Download doesn't have all the current software any more

    For partners who got the value pack IBM removed some of the current software and there isn't a new download yet.
    But the partner team at HCL is working on it and we will get a solution this month.

    What should you do today

    Customers should register to both portals. The support portal and the download portal.
    I had some issues with the software portal URL and you should only use the one listed in this blog post!
    The password reset emails had a different URL listed, which does not work for login from external.

    To register to the support portal and to the FlexNet software download, you have to use the password reset functionality for both.
    You should have got a welcome message and HCL registered existing IBM customers with their primary email addresses listed.

    So after the password reset you should see your existing cases and be able to open new cases.
    I just have done that with a customer and also hist contact data was there. But you should review and update your profile!

    In case you cannot register to the FlexNet download site, open at ticket in the support portal for software download issues.
    They have a team looking into those kind of issues separately.

    Here are the two URLs you will need:

    HCL Support:

    HCL Software Download:

    The software is still being uploaded. It takes some time because of the new system. HCL is working on the most current software first. And if you need something, that is not listed you can open a ticket.
    I would personally have a look into the new software portal and see if all your licensed software is listed.
    But for now continue to work with IBM Passport Advantage and Fixcental.

    HCL is looking into our feedback how to improve the software search and download experience.
    But with some tips it works well today.

    Searching for Downloads

    You can select different categories of software depending on your licensed products.
    But if you really looking for a specific file, you can use the search. The search also works for the product codes we had on the IBM side.

    Under Download/Search you can search for software. But you have first to switch from "Download Packages" to "Files".

    From what I figured out so far the search is a OR search and I am sometimes getting odd result sets.
    We have asked for a description and best practices for searches and how we can narrow down searches.
    Detailed instructions will be added to the main start screen as a support document. There will be tips and search instructions.

    But you should find software by description and product code already.

    Checksums for Downloads

    I was missing the checksums for the downloads and finally found them by clicking on the "+" of the download. This opens details for the download and shows a MD5 and SHA256 checksum on the right.

    There are ongoing enhancements to the support portal and they looking into our feedback.

    It might take some weeks until everything is fully available. But also as we have seen in other areas, HCL is really keen on feedback and puts it into action items.
    Yes the first days have been somehow "bumpy" but there are improvements every day.

    You can expect that I post detailed information about how to download Notes/Domino/Traveler updates as soon as they appear.

    -- Daniel

    1Vlaad  01.08.2019 13:29:02  HCL Support and Software Download

    Thanks for this, seems we need summary of links where to go for different purposes. Positive thing that HCL plans to have SSO and hopefully soon one account across all systems

    2Ulrich Krause  01.08.2019 19:20:03  HCL Support and Software Download

    Daniel, I saw the checksum days before you complained about missing it in the Slack channel.

    3Irek  02.08.2019 14:46:39  HCL Support and Software Download

    It doesn't work with me.

    Support doesn't work, download doesn't work

    Zero contact ....

    4Daniel Nashed  03.08.2019 11:17:55  HCL Support and Software Download


    I just sent you a mail.

    Can you provide some more details of what you tried and what happened?

    Are you a customer or a partner?

    -- Daniel

    5Juergen Soellner  06.08.2019 14:02:47  HCL Support and Software Download

    also also cannot login at HCL Portal.

    Tried it with previously with IBM and Password reset, but when I enter the IBM id it says error... maybe wrong user....

    6Daniel Nashed  06.08.2019 23:27:58  HCL Support and Software Download

    @Juergen, a clear error statement and what you are trying to do exaclty would be helpful for troubleshooting.

    I would like try to help. But without more details it is really difficult.

    -- Daniel

    7Juergen Soellner  07.08.2019 10:09:11  HCL Support and Software Download

    @Daniel: Thanks.

    I go to

    Then "Previously with IBM?" Button.

    Then the "Password reset" Button.

    For username I type our IBMid and then I get the error:

    This user cannot use the configured Password Reset process.

    Possible reasons:

    User does not exist or is not enrolled.

    User is not part of the configured password reset process.

    User is blocked (exceeded the limit on reset attempts or reset password recently).

    User account is locked.

    Try again later. For immediate assistance, call the service desk.

    So I donĀ“t know if the migration of the users is not finished yet or whats the problem

    8Daniel Nashed  08.08.2019 18:19:55  HCL Support and Software Download

    It turned out that Juergen Soellner's issue was that the support account was still listed on his older email address.

    When used that address, the registration worked.

    9Oliver Regelmann  13.08.2019 8:54:52  HCL Support and Software Download

    Any idea what the activation id is the Flex Net site wants when I try to register?

    10Ivan Kuzmenkov  16.08.2019 1:33:09  HCL Support and Software Download

    @Oliver, I'm interested in the same question. Please write here a answer when you get to know

    11Adam Osborne  10.09.2019 0:51:20  HCL Support and Software Download

    Hi Daniel, I've tried for over a month to get download access, and still no joy. Is there anyone at HCL you can recommend I talk too?

    12Bastian Lotsch  13.09.2019 11:14:41  HCL Support and Software Download

    No luck here as well. I was able to reset my password for the support site. But I'm not successful for the support portal. That's what I do:

    - use the link provided above

    - click "Forgot password?"

    - enter the ID used for the support site

    - frown at the secret questions provided, even if I get a question I can indeed answer I don't receive an email

    The site always shows the same stuff regardless of ID and answer to the secret question.

    13Daniel Nashed  13.09.2019 15:32:08  HCL Support and Software Download


    when you are getting security questions and you never have been registered at the HCL support site, something is wrong with your account.

    Most of the times this happens when your account isn't the primary account.

    You could try a different employee's account and if that does not work, you should call the helpline to sort it out.

    They helped me for a customer two weeks ago.

    -- Daniel

    14Sean  24.09.2019 8:20:50  HCL Support and Software Download

    OMG...seems I'm not the only one not get the passport of download site...I get the other two site account immediately, but the most importmant site, which I need download fixpack can't get the comfirm email.... = =

    15Richard Harrison  18.10.2019 17:59:46  HCL Support and Software Download

    Where can I find Proof of Entitlements (POEs)? Current hard copy runs to Aug 2019 with IBM, but am expecting another POE from Aug 2019 beyond, which I believe should be HCL.

    16samrith bros  27.10.2019 3:00:01  HCL Support and Software Download

    Dear Support HCL

    i have a problem reset pw of HCL as Mr.Juergen Soellner. please help fix this problem

    17Peter  11.02.2020 11:15:24  HCL Support and Software Download

    Did someone find the activation ID to register on the Flex Net?




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