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Travele released with re-connect issue

Daniel Nashed  5 March 2017 16:26:41

Traveler has been released a while go with an issue that might impact you if you need to restart your mail servers.

There is an APAR and there is already a hotfix available if you are already on that release.

If you are not on this release yet, you should wait for a new version!

There is also a work-around if you are on that release -- see below. itself comes with a couple of bugfixes and preparation for Domino 9.0.1 FP8 which will introduce JVM 1.8.

You will need to upgrade Traveler and will need a current JDBC driver. IBM said at Connect in SFO that there will be a detailed description as sonn 9.0.1 FP8 is released.


APAR status


Error description

   Traveler has a problem when all mail servers for a specific

   user's goes down at one time and after the mail servers are

   restarted users are able to synch data from the device, but no

   new mails come down to the device. This was introduce in fix pack.

   The work around is to either do

    - Tell Traveler Push Disable and Tell Traveler Push

   Enable for each effected user or

    - Restart IBM Traveler after the mail files have been

   restarted. Either of these approach will resolve the issue.

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