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SpamGeek V1.0.11

Daniel Nashed  24 August 2009 14:27:50

Since Release 1.0 of SpamGeek I had not much feedback from users beside that it works extremely well for them.
All companies using it are Notes Business Partners (geeks) who are interested in how it works and want to be in full control of their Anti-SPAM settings.

The changes I added are mostly fixing smaller issues here and there. There was one issue with calculation of black/white list words. And a couple of other details that are minor changes.
I have found most of them in my own productive environment and tested the changes for a while.

I think Version 1.0 was a good first release and there is currently not much to do for me.
One idea was to add a very simple antivirus option because I want that for my own environment.
But right now I cannot justify the time working on that if it is only me.
If you have ideas and feedback let me know.

You should upgrade to 1.0.11. If you are running a version 1.0 or higher you simply have to switch the binary.

If you want to use the current version drop me a mail.

SpamGeek is currently still not a selling product because I don't see a big market for a geeky antispam solution.
Therefore I don't do any marketing for it. It's still free for a small shop with 5-10 users.

-- Daniel
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