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HCL Domino 12.0 on Docker Early Access October 2020

Daniel Nashed  October 13 2020 08:35:03 PM
The new code drop is available with more preview features.

One of the highlight features is TOTP. You can now use two factor authentication for HTTPS connections.

Here is the list of focus features for code drop 3.

If you are interested in Domino security, you should really have a look into the recent features.

You should join the Early Access forum to give early feedback.

Update: Link to the official blog post -->

-- Daniel


1Christian Henseler  10/13/2020 9:05:24 PM  HCL Domino 12.0 on Docker Early Access October 2020

Built-in TOTP-support is really really cool. Thank you very much HCL :-)



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