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DNUG Domino Day 2018 in Düsseldorf November 15

Daniel Nashed  October 26 2018 01:06:05 PM
Like every year we have our DNUG Domino Day in Düsseldorf in November.
This year we are not only having a "Domino 11 JAM" but we also will have all the details about Domino V10.

Now that Domino V10 is available we will not only speak about the features but also how they really work and what we found out so far.

I have already started to blog about current features.
On that day you can expect much more information for all parts of the products.
There will be also a session from IBM/HCL about what is coming next.
And we can finally show the Notes client application on iPad!

IMHO we but up again an interesting agenda. But most of the sessions are in German.
The day is free for DNUG members but we also have some seats left also for none-members for a moderate conference fee.

We have already increased the number of seats and it sound like it is going to be a busy day..

See the agenda and other details here -->

I am looking forward to see many of you mid of November!

-- Daniel

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