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IBM Notes & Domino are not vulnerable to OpenSSL "Heartbleed" bug (CVE-2014-0160)

Daniel Nashed  9 April 2014 21:41:51
In case you are wondering. IBM Domino is not affected by the OpenSSL "Heartbleed" issues.
Also Traveler (leveraging the Domino HTTP stack) nor the IBM HTTP Stack in Domino 9 on Windows does not use OpenSSL and is not affected.

You still have to update your machines to a current OpenSSL package if you are running a 1.0.1 OpenSSL package.

Here is the technote from IBM -->

And here is some additonal information I got from my ISP -->

You have to install a current version. on RHEL/CentOS for example 1.0.1e-16 is not affected any more.

After updating the package you have to restart applications using it.

-- Daniel

Passing a document to an agent without saving it first

Daniel Nashed  6 April 2014 13:43:43
How cool is that new functionality introduced in 8.5.2.  Simple but important addition.
Looks like this has been implemented for XPages but you can also use it in normal Java and LotusScript.
Before you had to save a document before passing the document context to an agent.
Now you can just pass a new in-memory document and you don't need to save it at all.

This is really useful when passing parameters to and from agents that you invoke.
For example if you want output for a Java agent that you need to call -- like in my case right now.

Thanks to Michael Gollmick who pointed me to this documentionation! This really made my day. I wasn't aware of this new functionality!

-- Daniel


Release 8.5.2 introduces a new API for Agents to allow them run with a Document context that can be set by the caller, either an outer Agent or an XPage.

The Agent.runWithDocumentContext() API runs an agent and passes a saved or unsaved in-memory document to the DocumentContext property of the called agent:

New APIs

The new APIs are :

JavaScript (XPages) Agent.runWithDocumentContext(doc:NotesDocument) : void
Agent.runWithDocumentContext(doc:NotesDocument, noteID:string) : void
Java public void Agent.runWithDocumentContext(Document doc)
public void Agent.runWithDocumentContext(Document doc, String noteID)
LotusScript NotesAgent.RunWithDocumentContext(doc As NotesDocument, noteID As String) As Integer

Getting the In-Memory Document

The called agent can access the in-memory document via the existing API for accessing an in-memory document context. For example

public Document AgentContext.getDocumentContext()
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set doc = NotesSession.DocumentContext

The document can be updated within the agent and when control returns to the XPage the updated values can be read from the document.

Run as Web user

Domino Server-based Agent code must run in an Agent with "Run as Web user" selected on the Security tab under Properties.

Traveler 9.0. IF4 has shipped

Daniel Nashed  31 March 2014 08:20:22
Traveler 9.0.1 IF 4 has shipped end of last week. There are some important fixes on the server side and also some fixes in the Android client.

After doing the update over the weekend I thought about building a small script to automate Traveler updates on Linux.
First I thought it would make sense to have it in my start script but I am not sure about it.

Silent install works like a charm. What do you think? Should I add a customizable script to shutdown, install, startup?
It could be even interesting to directly copy the install files from a central location -- specially with larger Traveler environments.
Or the changes could be pushed centrally and Traveler would just check if the files are there when the restartinstall command is executed.
Just an idea not sure if this would be really something customers would like to run.

Maybe I should start this up separately and not include it into the start script. But it would work in combination with the start script.

What are you guys doing? Is someone already automating server updates on Linux in a similar way?

-- Daniel

IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 Interim Fix 4

Release Date Component Build Levels Release Documentation
March 24, 2014 Server
Android Client
9.0.1 IF4 Release Documentation

APAR # Component Abstract
LO78645external link Server Save and Security buttons are not enabled for Notes Traveler Web Administrator.
LO78732external link Android Calendar entries may be missing in Agenda view after upgrading the client.
LO78762external link Android Traveler client on Android may have connection issues if connected to a server.
LO78786external link Server Line returns may be lost in Out Of Office message body.
LO78825external link Server Corporate lookup may not work from Android device if message headers altered by Network.
LO78876external link Server Plain text mail with pre tag may format too small on mobile device.
LO78924external link Server Send mail to all invitees from iNotes shows on Mobile device as a Prevent Copy mail.
LO78929external link Android Contact search does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
LO78948external link Server Duplicate mail sends may occur due to device resending with different identifier.
LO78965external link Server Some attachments may not download to mobile device correctly.
LO78973external link Server Slow sync performance due to DB threads growing and/or long running PS or DS threads.
LO78997external link Server Personal contact group may interfere with personal contact sync.
LO79011external link Server Workaround to prevent BB devices from re-syncing all data when syncing To Dos and Mail.
LO79012external link Server Delivery failure on send mail from device if domain is found to be empty string.
LO79015external link Server Unable to send encrypted mail from device if the recipient does not have internet address defined.
LO79041external link Android Notes Traveler To Do widget only displays one item on Android 4.4 OS.
LO79070external link Server Unable to forward a calendar entry with no description from Windows device.
LO79104external link Server Mime format mail sent from device will be converted to Rich Text format.
LO79234external link Server Passcode History setting is applied differently on Apple devices than other mobile devices.
LO79412external link Server Long running PS thread on server due to invalid filter window stored in database.
LO79435external link Server Encoded attachments will not download to BB or WP devices.
LO79465external link Android Unable to view some folders on Android OS 4.4 devices.
LO79492external link Server Re-accept meeting on iOS may remove the event from the device, server not effected.
LO79498external link Server Mail send from device may be sent twice if experience time out or connection drop during send.
LO79499external link Server Traveler server slow to start if IPv6 addresses specified on host.
LO79503external link Server Traveler shut down hang due to orphaned thread, may result in Domino server crash.
LO79504external link Server Support sync of embedded icons with WP and BB devices.
LO79516external link Server Domino API crash if attachment name greater than 253 characters on 32 bit system.

    Taking full benefit of RAM for File-System Cache with Domino on W64

    Daniel Nashed  13 March 2014 12:48:59

    A long time ago I already blogged about the changes IBM introduced for the file-system cache.
    And I ran into this in customer situations many times. I have described it in my IBM Connect session but because I got questions about it again, I think it makes sense to mention it again.

    The default settings they implemented might impact you when you add a lot of RAM to your Domino server.

    We have seen dramatical reduction of read I/O when adding a lot of RAM to the Windows machine because Windows 64 can leverage the 64bit address space for taking all the remaining memory for file-system case.

    But by default there is a very high physical memory limit for the file-system cache.– It will try to use all memory which can cause Domino Memory to be swapped out

    On startup of the Domino server the W64 call “SetSystemFileCacheSize()” is used to limit the cache.
    Since Domino 8 and higher ships a 64bit helper binary “cacheset.exe” to set the cache size for Domino 32bit. Domino 64bit has this call integrated into the core code.

    When the code is executed the system privilege “SE_INCREASE_QUOTA_NAME” is needed (See TN #1391477 for details).

    By default the value is set to  30% of memory. That would only work well with a machine with around 8 GB of memory, but even there some tuning might make sense because Domino will usually allocate less than 4 GB of memory.

    So you can tune the percentage used via notes.ini MEM_FSCachePercentMem=n
    The settings depends on the RAM and the memory that Domino needs in your environment .

    Example: 16 GB RAM, 6 GB reserved for Domino/OS = MEM_FSCachePercentMem=65

    You can check the current settings with “cacheset.exe -g”
    Here is the output from a machine with 8 GB RAM without any settings after the Domino Server has been started once.

    cacheset.exe -g
    Existing file system cache values are minSizeRead 824488 kb, maxSizeRead 2473264 kb, flags 5

    This is really a parameter that you have to look at when you run Domino 32bit/64bit on Windows!

    -- Daniel

    IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF 3 / IF4 available

    Daniel Nashed  2 February 2014 00:15:28
    Still on the way back from IBM Connect but I want to give you a quick info...
    There are important fixes for Blackberry 10 -- specially when you are using the new todos in version 10.2.1

    But there are more fixes that are included.

    Thanks to the Traveler team for all the new information during IBM Connect and for the short cycle of fixpacks responding to customer issues so quickly!

    -- Daniel

    APAR List for 9.0.1 IF3:
    APAR # Component Abstract
    LO77998external link Server Read mark for Calendar invitation not synced from Mobile device to Notes Client.
    LO78245external link Server Temporary loss of event description on Mobile device when event modified on the device.
    LO78248external link Server Unnecessary error message displayed "Attempt to perform folder operation on non-folder item".
    LO78299external link Android Unable to reply to mail on Android device if recipient has Apostrophe in name.
    LO78328external link Server Renamed user may have device records left under old name in admin app.
    LO78380external link Server User sync gets stuck on mail with large embedded attachment, such as delivery failure or phone message.
    LO78386external link Server Unable to delete contact e-mail address from Notes or iNotes, value repopulated by mobile device.
    LO78404external link Server Timing window where Notes Traveler may not detect primary mail server marked as unavailable.
    LO78416external link Server BB devices may resync all data when not necessary.
    LO78465external link Server User may get incorrect error message when over quota.
    LO78474external link Server Security status update may be lost if the user is in process of being load balanced.
    LO78503external link Server Return receipt document may appear in the users sent folder.
    LO78524external link Server Modify repeating To Do on device and it may show as over due on the server.
    LO78577external link Server BB10 removes quotes from display name when replying to e-mail.
    LO78628external link Server Ensure plain text included when sending mail from mobile device.
    LO78636external link Server Attachments may be lost when reply to mail from a Windows device.
    LO78667external link Android Android vibrates on new mail when set for audio alert.
    LO78692external link Server Maintain time zone name if the offset is the same.
    LO78700external link Server Notes Traveler cleanup tell command may not complete.
    LO78728external link Server Unexpected draft document may appear after processing event on mobile device.
    LO78734external link Server To Do item may be archived sooner than expected.
    LO78787external link Server Session update or does not exist error in the console when syncing BB or Apple To Dos.

      Unofficial IBM Connect Notes session database

      Daniel Nashed  20 January 2014 07:14:48
      The question came up a couple of times in the last few days ...

      Mat posted today -->

      And here is the download link -- >

      Hope to see many of you soon in Orlando!

      Huge thanks to the team who did the database it again this year!!

      -- Daniel

      Custom Commands in Domino Start Script

      Daniel Nashed  17 January 2014 11:00:38
      Most of the new functionality in my start scripts is based on my own ideas and requests I get from customer projects.
      For each of the request for new functionality I am trying to find out a way to make it as customizable as possible to make it fit for different customer environments.

      On the other side there are still requests which are very customer specific which I cannot build into a standard script.
      But I also would like to keep the script in a maintainable mode where you have only to switch to a newer script (rc_domino_script) without re-adding customization in the code.

      The first step I did was a call-back functionality where you can add your own scripts before or after a certain event (server start, server stop, ...).
      So all kind of customization can be done in your own extension scripts.

      But there are still cases where customers need their own "commands" added to the start script.

      So when driving back in the car last night from a customer I had a new idea how it could be more flexible.

      In the next version of the start script I am planning to have a away to plug-in your own custom commands using separate shell-scripts for each of the commands.
      So you would just configure a directory where my start script should look for your own commands and if they are executable the start script will run the command.
      The scripts would inherit all variables from the start script.

      Right now in my first test version the script first checks for build in commands and if the command is not known by the script it checks the extension directory for a script name matching the command.
      In theory I could first check the directory and it could be possible to override standard functionality.  But I am not sure if I want to go that far. What do you think?

      In general this new functionality would encapsulate all changes and extensions in separate scripts but you would still have the flexible.
      I will build this into the next version anyway. But I am interested in your feedback about details of the implementation and if you want also be able to override standard commands.

      Here is how I currently have implemented it in my first version.

      If you have your own customization in the start script and want to still participate in regular updates, I think the plug-in functionality I added earlier and this new functionality might be helpful.
      I am really interested in feedback either here or by email.

      -- Daniel

          if [ -z "$DOMINO_CUSTOM_COMMAND_BASEPATH" ]; then
            DebugText "Invalid PARAM1:" [$PARAM1]
            echo "Invalid command:" [$PARAM1]
            exit 1


          if [ -x $DOMINO_CUSTOM_COMMAND_SCRIPT ]; then
            # execute custom command
            DebugText "-- before executing custom command"
            DebugText "-- after executing custom command"

            DebugText "Invalid PARAM1:" [$PARAM1]
            echo "Invalid command:" [$PARAM1]
            exit 1

        Notes / Domino 9.0.1 New Platform Support added for Win2012 R2, OSX 10.9 and Win 8.1

        Daniel Nashed  18 December 2013 00:16:55
        We got questions about this from many customers and there is a technote on the way.

        The following link already provides the good news we are waiting for.

        The same is also supported in 8.5.3 FP6 -- Wow, I did not expect that! That's good news!

        Thanks IBM!!!

        Platform Notices

        Traveler 9.0.1 IF2 available

        Daniel Nashed  17 December 2013 06:25:52
        Start your downloads ... Traveler IF2 is available.
        There are just a few number of new fixes. See details below.

        What is new is the Todo Sync for Blackberry devices.

        -- Daniel

        IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 Interim Fix 2
        Release Date Component Build Levels Release Documentation
        December 16, 2013 Server
        Android Client
        9.0.1 IF2 Release Documentation

        APAR # Component Abstract
        LO77372external link Server Duplicate sent notices may be sent when decline then accept repeating event.
        LO77916external link Server Some devices with can not be wiped via admin application.
        LO77999external link Server E-mail with large embedded attachment may be slow to sync to mobile device.
        LO78045external link Server Windows Phone device may not show plain text preview for e-mail.
        LO78158external link Server Schema migration may fail when using MS SQL server.
        LO78185external link Server Support of To Do sync by BB 10.2.1 and later devices.
        LO78212external link Server User with no devices registered can not be deleted from Admin interface.

        Traveler 9.0.1 IF1 is back on the download site

        Daniel Nashed  26 November 2013 07:32:11
        IBM found another issue that they have fixed in this build.
        That's why they have pulled back the download that was there for a short time.

        Here is the additional ARPA listed for 9.0.1 IF1.

        -- Daniel

        APAR # Component Abstract
        LO78022external link Server Update all instances of a repeating event from mobile device and may loose description info.