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CREATE_R9_LOG is not a valid notes.ini parameter and does not exist!

Daniel Nashed  24 March 2017 11:29:50
After hearing this question twice a week I think it is time for a blog entry.

There is a notes.ini parameter for the different ODS formats in different releases.
The latest one you should use is Create_R9_Databases=1 to create databases with ODS 52.

ODS 52 is needed for local databases which are encrypted (there was an underlying ODS issue that has been addressed in ODS 52).
Also for hew new LargeSummary (16MB instead of 32KB per document) you need to be on ODS 52.

But there is no new notes.ini parameter for the optimized aligned translog extends.

The only parameter valid is still CREATE_R85_LOG=1.

I have dumped the string resources from the current binaries in 9.0.1 FP8 to double-check.

There is no change for translog notes.ini parameters in Domino 9.0.1!

Sounds like someone posted on his blog or added it to his presentation and others copied from there.

-- Daniel

Traveler Relased with important bug fixes

Daniel Nashed  24 March 2017 09:12:07
As posted before Traveler had one issue that needed urgent attention.
Push was not working when the mail-server had a short downtime.
If you are on that release you should update asap.

There are a couple of other fixes along with that ARPA included in

Just back from a couple of days of travel and installed it this morning. Looks good so far.

APAR # Abstract
LO90889 Invitee status not correct on mobile device if the invitee response is received in a non-syncing folder.
LO91550 Multiple ghost entries possible if adding invite to event that has outstanding updates pending.
LO91723 User may stop recieving updates to mobile device after mail server restarted and there is no backup mail server.
LO91733 Subject of mail replied to/forwarded from Windows 8 device may display incorrectly.
LO91762 IBM Traveler server may change case of Domino domain to all lower case when sending mail.
LO91770 Subject of new mail sent from Windows 8 device may display incorrectly.
LO91819 User may not be able to sync data to mobile device when the user's mail file name contains special characters.
LO91870 Wipe data option may be greyed out for iOS Verse client.

    D9.0.1 FP8 Attachment Corruption Issue with Disclaimers

    Daniel Nashed  21 March 2017 15:27:55
    There is an issue that has been reported about FP8. When using disclaimers attachments might be corrupted.
    IBM released a technote with details and is working on a fix.

    Feature Pack 8 contains an enhancement/fix to correctly send Google Calendar files.
    The fix is enabled by default and causes this corruption.

    You can still deploy FP8 and disable the feature/fix temporary via Notes.ini MIMEDisclaimersNoEncode=0 on your SMTP outbound server.

    See this SPR #TPONAKFJLP / APAR  #LO91828 for details

    -- Daniel

    Traveler on Domino 9.0.1 FP8

    Daniel Nashed  7 March 2017 23:51:34
    Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 has just shipped.
    If you are intending to update your Traveler Server to Domino FP8 you should be aware that you need at least Traveler
    (which currently has an issue reconnecting to a mail-server if it wasn't reachable --> see previous blog posts).

    If you still intend to update your server there are some important requirements. FP8 comes with Java 1.8 and Traveler is using that JVM.
    So it some changes are needed in the Traveler code to support the new JVM version.

    In addition for Traveler HA there are additional JDBC Requirements

    - If using DB2 server: In order to support Java 8 you must use DB2 JDBC Driver V10.5 FP7 (4.19.49) or higher, see technote 1983724 for details.

    - If using MS SQL server: In order to support Java 8 you must use sqljdbc42.jar file from MS JDBC 4.1 or later release.

    There is a new technote which contains links to the detailed technotes and also to the download sites


    I updated my server to Domino 9.0.1 FP8 and Traveler but you should probably wait for the fixed Traveler version before upgrading your server to FP8.

    Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 shipped

    Daniel Nashed  7 March 2017 19:43:47
    Feature Pack 8 has shipped today including new templates.

    The new version comes with updated documentation for the Client, the Server and also for the Designer.
    For ADFS 3.0 there is brand new documentation that is not just in simple "cookbook" style.
    We had the opportinity to give feedback before it was released.

    Here is the main entries for the documentation.

    Beside Java 1.8 support, NIFNSF and large summary support there are a couple of other new stuff.

    XPages was not mentioned in the Domino development strategy session but XPages still gets attention and new functionality.

    Stay tuned for more information about FP8. Just installed the client update one minute ago...

    -- Daniel

    Travele released with re-connect issue

    Daniel Nashed  5 March 2017 16:26:41

    Traveler has been released a while go with an issue that might impact you if you need to restart your mail servers.

    There is an APAR and there is already a hotfix available if you are already on that release.

    If you are not on this release yet, you should wait for a new version!

    There is also a work-around if you are on that release -- see below. itself comes with a couple of bugfixes and preparation for Domino 9.0.1 FP8 which will introduce JVM 1.8.

    You will need to upgrade Traveler and will need a current JDBC driver. IBM said at Connect in SFO that there will be a detailed description as sonn 9.0.1 FP8 is released.


    APAR status


    Error description

       Traveler has a problem when all mail servers for a specific

       user's goes down at one time and after the mail servers are

       restarted users are able to synch data from the device, but no

       new mails come down to the device. This was introduce in fix pack.

       The work around is to either do

        - Tell Traveler Push Disable and Tell Traveler Push

       Enable for each effected user or

        - Restart IBM Traveler after the mail files have been

       restarted. Either of these approach will resolve the issue.

      Details about JVM 1.8 Update in Notes/Domino 9.0.1 FP8

      Daniel Nashed  5 February 2017 23:30:51
      After my post I got a couple of offline and online questions about details for JVM 1.8 in the Notes Client.

      The release notes will be update but here is the comment from Scott in case you missed it in the comments.

      Thanks Scott for this detailed additonal information!!!

      Java Upgrade to 1.8.

      The Java run time environment provided with Domino has been upgraded to Java JRE version 1.8 to provide you with access to the latest features.

      - This is actually both Notes & Domino. So the JRE will be 1.8 for both Notes & Domino in 9.0.1 FP8.

      The preliminary fix list will be updated to state this. This was the first step.

      Designer will have 1.6 for compiling applications in FP8. But top of the list for the next FP is to upgrade the compiler in Designer to also use Java 1.8.

      This will come with a number of other dependency upgrades:

      - Upgrading the version of Eclipse, SWT, OSGi for the Notes client & Designer

      - Upgrading the version of OSGi for the Domino Server

      The work was big enough that it was separated into 2 Feature Packs. 901FP8 starts the work.

      Look for the session at IBM Connect 9am Wed Feb 22nd: Notes and Domino Roadmap

      IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 Preliminary Release Notice

      Daniel Nashed  27 January 2017 15:57:33
      Today IBM released the first official information about Feature Pack 8 for Notes and Domino 9.0.1

      The Preliminary Release Notice provides detailed information about the first feature pack which is currently listed with status "gold candidate".

      Here are the release notes, with some comments from my side.
      (comments in blue).

      Things to Note:
      • NBP replaced with ICAA - There is no NBP (Notes Browser Plugin) shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This has been replaced with ICAA (IBM Client Application Access). For more information, see IBM Client Application Access V1.0.1 documentation
      • Notes Client on Linux - There is no Notes client for Linux shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This client platform has been discontinued and customers are encouraged to move to Windows or Mac.
      • Domino Server on Linux32 and AIX32 - There is no Domino Server for Linux32 and AIX32 shipped with 9.0.1 FP8. This server platform has been discontinued and customers are encouraged to move to the 64-bit platforms. Windows 32 bit remains a shipped and support platform.
      • Windows Server 2016 Support - (SPR #SVROAEPS4R)

      It was an expected and announced move from the browser plugin to a stand-alone application because vanishing support for the type of plugins IBM is using.

      Windows Server 2016 support is an important update for customers on the Windows platform. And Windows remains the only platform with 32bit support.
      Background is probably that applications like Sametime are still leveraging on the Windows 32bit Domino platform.

      But for all other platforms including Linux moving to a 64bit only implementation only makes a lot of sense. For AIX customer should have moved already to native 64bit because of the limits of AIX segmented memory model.

      For Linux most customers running mail and application servers and Traveler have already moved to native 64bit.

      The Linux client for SLED has been discontinued earlier. And there have been some discussions and rumors.

      But dropping the Linux client support with FP8 completely was a surprise for me.

      New Features in IBM® Domino® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8

      The documentation in Knowledgebase will be updated with these new features to coincide with the ship date of 9.0.1 FP8

      1) Optionally Move Views outside of NSF  for Increased data store in NSF.
      This feature is useful for large databases and provides the following benefits:
      - A smaller database file size, to avoid reaching the 64GB limitation.
      - Faster database backup and restore.
      - Better performance by allowing concurrent access to database and views.

      This is a long awaited feature and brings a couple of benefits as mentioned in the release notes.

      The feature can be enabled per database and the view index is stored in a separate file in either the same directory or in a complete different location (similar to the way FT index can be moved).

      It allows storage optimization and has less contention. Also the fragmentation on the NSF disk will be reduced. And of course your backup solution does not need to backup index data (NIF).

      The size of the view/folder index for a mail-databases are around 10% of the database size (that's before DAOS). With DAOS enabled the remaining size is 30-40% of the full database which means NIF is around 30% of the remaining NSF size.

      That's a great improvement!

      2) Java Upgrade to 1.8.
      The Java run time environment provided with Domino has been upgraded to Java JRE version 1.8 to provide you with access to the latest features.

      The long waited update to Java 1.8 is shipping with FP8 :-)

      This is the first step but the designer will hopefully be updated later this year to take benefit on new functionality for development of new application.

      3) Optionally Increase Document Summary Data (SPR #AKNX64TLRS APARID: LO04193)
      You can increase the document summary data limit on Notes 9 databases to 16MB from 64K. (The size limit for a single field remains 32 K.)

      This feature is in discussion for a while and also a long waited new functionality. 64K for summary data not much but this was a difficult to change internal limitation.

      Now with FP8 you can have up to 16MB summary data which is really an improvement for application developers!

      4) Add support for ADFS 3.0 and update the corresponding Cookbook instructions for configuration.

      ADFS 3.0 has been around for a while and is a much cleaner and straight forward implementation. It does not need IIS components and it build into the Windows server without extra download.

      Also the administration and configuration is easier. Most customers looking into SAML today with Microsoft and other products are looking into ADFS 3.0.

      So it was time to add ADFS 3.0 support. We implemented it for Web Federated Login for some customers and it worked well. Now we are getting official support!

      Hopefully we get fully updated cook-books with cleaner and more detailed descriptions and background how to implement it.

      New Features in IBM® Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8

      1) Optionally Add Show Options: "Group By Date" And "Beginning Of Message", To Desktop Policy Settings (SPR #JSTN98BP3T APARID: LO75595)
      Administrators can add the notes.ini setting EnableGroupByDate=1 on mail servers to enable the Show > Group By Date option in all mail files.

      2) Optionally Retain MIME formatting when forwarding or replying to internet messages
      A notes.ini setting is now available for Notes Standard clients to retain MIME message formatting when users reply to or forward messages received from the internet. Without this setting, MIME messages are converted to Notes Rich Text which can cause some MIME formatting to be lost.

      3) Optionally Enable displaying internet addresses in mail and calendar documents
      You can enable internet addresses rather than Notes addresses to display in the Notes client mail and calendar. For example, display rather than Samantha Daryn/Renovations@Renovations. To enable this feature, add the following setting to the notes.ini file on a Notes client $INETADDRESSFIXUP=1

      Those changes in the Notes client show that there is still some development on the Notes client.
      Both features can make sense in many customer environments.

      -- Daniel

      Notes 9.0.1 FP7 IF1 released

      Daniel Nashed  8 December 2016 15:59:38
      There is a new IF1 for the Notes Client. Now it begins to be more complicated.
      The client IF1 and the server IF1 for the Linux issue (see previous posts) have nothing to do with each other and contain different SPRs.

      The most important fix is the issue we had with ID vault when the new port encryption is used.
      Given that the SPR is fixed in the client this looks like a client issue and not a server issue.

      -- Daniel

      Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 Interim Fix 1

              Duplicate Attachment Icons When Using Ls Embedobject To Attach Files To A NotesRichTextItem        

              Notes User Id File Upload To Vault Failed If Port_enc_adv Parameter Is Enabled

      Traveler available with some important changes

      Daniel Nashed  15 November 2016 19:14:58
      Traveler has been released with some important fixes and also changes. The Release documentation has some interesting details.

      Here is the extract from the release documentation with some comments.

      What's New

      "Device wipe is no longer an option for iOS 10.x devices as support was dropped by Apple. You can still use the Wipe Traveler Data option."

      For security reasons Apple disabled wipe over ActiveSync which is understandable. Before that change every server could wipe any device connected via ActiveSync.
      With this Apple side change Traveler could not delete the device any more and the status from the device was not interpreted correctly by the server.
      Traveler does now check if the device still supports the wipe (running iOS earlier than 10.x) and does only allow the Data Wipe over ActiveSync if the full wipe is not supported on the device.

      "Yellow status message if the IBM Traveler server is not listed as a Trusted Server for an end user's mail server. This is required for future security and feature enhancements planned for 2017. The status message will include information about how to correct."

      Sounds like IBM is planning a bigger change in 2017 for Traveler. I am curious what this higher security requirements are needed for. Trusted Servers are a quite high requirement which allow the Traveler servers to fully authenticate as any user on the mail server. It's much higher than just granting manager access to an individual mailfile.

      I have removed the Trusted Servers entry on my mail-server but I did not yet see the warning.

      "Database schema updates to improve data integrity.

      Tablerepair tell command to support the above schema updates. A warning message will be displayed at startup if any of the schema updates were not applied with instructions to run the tablerepair command. The server will continue to function properly if no action taken.

      NOTE: IBM Traveler does include a database schema update. Action may be required if you manually manage your database schema (this is not common). If you use auto schema updates (default behavior) there is no action required. See Updating the Enterprise Database for more information ("

      So this is an important information. This new version requires a schema change. If you are running stand-alone that should not cause any issues.
      If you have automatic schema update enabled the schema update should also happen automatically.
      And if you are switching from manual schema update to automatic schema update you should be careful. There is one ARPA fixed for DB2 and you should be aware of the default schema name differences for manual and automatic schema configuration.

      I guess with this schema change the issue has been discovered and the fix is that the NTS parameter with the schema name will be automatically set.
      (See -> for details).

      The fix-list contains some other important fixes! Check the fixlist link below for details.

      My server is already updated but I had not much time to test.

      IBM Traveler Fixes

      IBM Traveler Server Release Documentation

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